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Partnering Change Management’ Calyx Info goes that extra mile to ensure that the client is comfortable with our solutions. That's added value for our customers.
CLIX provides a Layered exchange platform that allows cross pollination of ideas and suggestions between differing levels within the User Organisation, differing levels within Calyx project team and across the two teams as well. Yet it preserves a common approach and thought process to ensure all solutions are towards the final defined goal.
'On Going Services'- A bouquet of these services is mutually discussed and finalized depending upon the actual needs of the customer.
Are your Information Systems geared to support your Business Vision?
Are you able and prepared to build your future business on your current IT Architecture?
Calyx Info can review your current information systems or create solutions that will ENABLE your business.
Pharma industry is in midst of unprecedented challenges. Fewer blockbuster drugs, scant pipelines, political pressure to reduce prices on the one hand. Need to sharpen Doctor interface amidst declining brand recall and heavy premium on Face time on the other hand. Bottom line - Board Room agendas are revolving around General Corporate Strategy, Research & Development, and, Marketing & Sales.
Information Technology plays a key role in supporting the agenda. Calyx Info works with industry leaders to implement business applications in Pharma.

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