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Partnering Change Management’ Calyx Info goes that extra mile to ensure that the client is comfortable with our solutions. That's added value for our customers.
CLIX provides a Layered exchange platform that allows cross pollination of ideas and suggestions between differing levels within the User Organisation, differing levels within Calyx project team and across the two teams as well. Yet it preserves a common approach and thought process to ensure all solutions are towards the final defined goal.
'On Going Services'- A bouquet of these services is mutually discussed and finalized depending upon the actual needs of the customer.

At Calyx Info‚ we provide our employees an environment of challenging opportunities that draws on their talents. A professional and collaborative atmosphere further contributes to the growth of intellectual capital for the organisation and the individual. You will play a critical role in delivering solutions that help businesses' perform. With projects from around the globe‚ you will be exposed to domain‚ regional and technology challenges‚ adding to an all-round career experience.


Member - Core Technology Team

  • A technology specialist who can build an overall technology solution, define the architecture and design the application. Should have strong demonstrated technical and architectural skills in distributed computing system using MS DNA /.Net
  • Job calls for flirting with new technology areas with a view to examining and packaging how the technology works and how organisation needs to leverage it. There will be need to build 'Proof of Concept' to demonstrate and gain acceptance for the concept.

Internship Program

  • Student of the third year of MCA to work on the Intern position.
  • Student will be given one month training and subsequently allocated tasks based on need of the company.
  • We request student to apply for internship as per procedures set by your institution and through institution.
  • Student should possess qualities like good analytic thinking, willingness to learn and good communication skill.
  • The place of work will be at our office Park Site, Vikhroli(W), Mumbai.
  • During the internship program company has policy of paying stipend.
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