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Partnering Change Management’ Calyx Info goes that extra mile to ensure that the client is comfortable with our solutions. That's added value for our customers.
CLIX provides a Layered exchange platform that allows cross pollination of ideas and suggestions between differing levels within the User Organisation, differing levels within Calyx project team and across the two teams as well. Yet it preserves a common approach and thought process to ensure all solutions are towards the final defined goal.
'On Going Services'- A bouquet of these services is mutually discussed and finalized depending upon the actual needs of the customer.

eClinical Trial Management is the global multitasking answer that offers a down-to-earth, professional and an all inclusive way to handle end-to-end Clinical Trial Management needs, meeting rigid regulatory requirements with confidence and clarity.


Overview of the system

•  Contact Management •  Investigator Management
•  Subject Management •  Communication Management
•  Document Management •  Compliance Management
•  Supplies Management •  Adverse Event Reporting Management

The application also takes care of Budgeting and Financials, External Interfaces to Lab Systems etc., Work Flows and Internal Approvals


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