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Partnering Change Management’ Calyx Info goes that extra mile to ensure that the client is comfortable with our solutions. That's added value for our customers.
CLIX provides a Layered exchange platform that allows cross pollination of ideas and suggestions between differing levels within the User Organisation, differing levels within Calyx project team and across the two teams as well. Yet it preserves a common approach and thought process to ensure all solutions are towards the final defined goal.
'On Going Services'- A bouquet of these services is mutually discussed and finalized depending upon the actual needs of the customer.
Integrated SFA cum CRM

Pharma companies today face the challenge to sharpen their interface with Doctors amidst declining ‘brand recall’ and heavy premium on ‘face time’. Companies require abilities to influence key doctors and manage their Customer relationships in an effective manner . If you would like to know more about how to achieve this objective……… click here

eClinical Data Management

Data is the fundamental residual asset from conducting a trial. It forms the core of drug approval process. A myriad of activities need to be managed efficiently to arrive at clean and validated data. Calyx eData Capture solution enables an organisation to manage all this comfortably and accurately. ………….click here

eClinical Trial Management

Clinical Trial Management is fundamentally a project management requirement. Tracking and managing Events, Documents, Approvals and Clearances, Monitoring Activities, Site Enrolments, Agreements and Contracts, Resource availability and Scheduling, are the tasks to be handled under Clinical Trial Management. To know more about Calyx solution in this area………….click here

eBio Equivalence Study Management

Conducting of bioequivalence studies can be quick, easy and programming-free. All study related activities from Volunteer Registration and Enrolment to Final Study Analysis and Closure will be carried out through an extremely user friendly computerised system. To learn more about Calyx solution for Bio Equivalence study handling………….click here

ePatient Registry

Patient registries  provide a collaborative working environment for maintaining patient information, analyzing and studying patterns and treatment efficacy. It also allows users to draw summary information across the global patient database and specific patient history for publication purposes. Calyx has developed and implemented multiple registries to date. To know more…………. click here

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